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Life seems to be passing us by!  Some of us feel like we are stuck in a vacuum being sucked along by our busy schedules.  We’re on a treadmill going nowhere.  Or maybe we find ourselves consumed by feelings of stress, anxiety or depression.


Mindfulness skills allow us to take back our power and live more in the present moment.  Life may not slow down; however, we can manage how we deal with and react to life.


The process of learning Mindfulness is a really eye-opening experience for many of my clients.  Some of them like to refer to the process as ‘brain training’ and I’d have to agree to a point.


What they seem to like the most is feeling more in control of their own though processes, rather than feeling like they are being controlled by their own thoughts.  I certainly agree wholeheartedly with this, as it is now scientifically proven that lots of mental health disorders start as a thought.

A set of 4 sessions initially is recommended.  It is at this point that the greatest benefits are achieved.  However, all clients have their own individual needs.

Individual sessions are £35

Mobile training sessions are available (including petrol costs)



Reflexology originated in China about 5,000 years ago.  It works in the body on the same principles as acupuncture.  In fact, in ancient China the two treatments were always used together.  The feet are found to be particularly sensitive and a highly effective gateway to treating the whole body.


The process of Reflexology involves pressing on reflex points in the feet to stimulate the energy points throughout the body.  This allows the therapist to ensure that this life force moves freely through the body. 


I truly believe that our bodies have an incredible capacity to heal themselves.  A reflexology treatment enables the body in its own healing and prevent future disease.


I offer reflexology therapy for clients in their own home.  This is particularly useful if clients are immobile or particularly busy.  Some clients are most relaxed in their own home.  Other clients prefer to have their treatment at my home.  Some days in the week I work out of a local salon.


I often use Mindfulness techniques with my clients to relax at the beginning of sessions.  This helps to ease away any stress or tension and allows the body to achieve an even greater level of relaxation and a gr eater quality treatment.  Aromatherapy is an important part of the therapy process.  I use a mix of essential oils to aide the body further to truly come back to its ‘whole self’.

A weekly session over 4 weeks is initially recommended.  A maintenance of monthly sessions is usually sufficient.  However, all clients have their own individual needs. 

Individual sessions are £40

Mobile treatments are available (including petrol costs)

Salon prices vary.

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